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why examination is necessary

Tags : examination impotance
Industry : Teaching/Education
Functional Area : India
About "why examination is necessary" topic:

this is very important to know all the students that why they give examination in this practical world

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By : jaydev pathak
Prasad Rajadhyaksha  |  Answered  |  5 years ago
We all know the importance of exams in our studies. It indicates the understanding that a student has got after studying the whole year. If there are no exams then there is no criteria on which the capability of a student can be measured....
Answer: "why the student want an exam" deleted from your view.
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hi sunita, why family pressure for job? i am fresher , i also want job. but why family pressure on me.  
By : mahesh arya  | New post
Answer: "hi sunita, why family pressure for job?" deleted from your view.
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