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Business travel isn't all about work - it's also about waiting. There are long stretches of dead time at airports, lonely hotels and gruelling periods spent in transit. Discuss & suggest gadgets that make time away from the office both more productive and more easy to deal with.
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PC gaming is now in arena of a world sports. We as country, representing in world sports, have not been very successful in our campaign. A mind over matter sports gives us the opportunity to raise our hopes in Pc gaming which according to WCG ranking, we are 34th in the world. There are few......
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The owners, the sponsors have invested a lot of money in the game. And of course, they have a single objecttive of making profits. Even the team(Deccan  that was at the bottom of the table last season has declared that it was profitable in Year 1. Let us discuss all business aspects of IPL in......
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There are many factors in field of media, technology, marketing and even HRM services which need to be avoided for better outcomes. This topic deals with such subjects. Come and share the subjects you think should be avoided.
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Coal scam is the latest and the biggest on the board till now. Every year we see a scam surfacing and we think this one might be the last and the people involved will be punished but that just does not happen. Where are our rights? What are we suppose to do? How are we suppose to cope with......
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Today we are seeing more and more Global Auto manufacturers entering the Indian space with their new bikes and new cars, with the economy on the rise and the young population that we posses is the right platform and the right time to enter the Indian Auto market, and we are seeing many Super......
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Let citizens decide who the prime minister should be. Indian elections results will be out on may 16 2009 and let us use this opportunity to predict the PM.In process, let us help each other in making the right choice
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Share your thoughts on mobile phones, mobile phone, camera, pda, iphone,nokia, cell phone, sony, smart phone, xbox, ps3, electronics, electrical electronics. Lets discuss about every devices in the Mobile Market...
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Though there are many investment options for people, but still many prefer the age old Fixed deposits in their banks and the best part of FD schemes are that they are one of the safe investment avenues and there is very little chance of losing you money as banks are closely regulated and......
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We need to bring so many changes and we all need to stand up for so many things to create a better future for our country as well as for our kids. We have the power to bring that change and we should use it in right direction. What changes would you bring to redefine tomorrow?
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Posted by: Prashant Tajane, Executive Talent Acquisition, Glodyne Technoserve Limited
Wow! Slum Dog Millionaire won the Oscar! What a surprise? Indians are jubilant and proud of seeing their country’s name popping up all over the world. Well, for an average Indian it is definitely a matter of proud because their country is in the......
Posted by: Tharakad Subramanian Hariharan, Freelancer, Freelancer
YES-MEN ORGANIZATIONS Millions of Indians watching the ‘Elections 2009’ show on the TV these days must have gained the perception by now that our major political parties are the classic examples of ‘yesmanism’ so meticulously practised throughout their organizations. Most of the ‘family-run’ Indian private companies can be easily said to be the classic examples of ‘Yes-men’ organizations. The spokespersons of the political parties (they mostly do ‘damage control) generally have a tough time, trying their utmost to defend the ‘statesmanship’ displayed by their political bosses in their recent utterances in the press conference but tragically failed. They consistently fail because they spend most of their time in finding new virtues in their unworthy immature, ‘greatness-thrust’ leaders and it is tough task . An individual placed in a position of authority and status will be surrounded mostly by persons whose main concern is to be on his good books. Incurring his displeasure is a...
Posted by: sumita
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