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Internet marketing is the first step towards marketing anything over the web . Internet Marketing is more than simple linking or search engine optimization, which are way too often unquantifiable. SEO and additional online marketing tools are also included in rural marketing which will help......
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How to google?? there are people who type in Google How to google still. And lately Google’s market dominence is growing rapidly, leaving its competitors with a rather steep uphill walk to catch up. How to Google has come to be synonymous with the internet in popular culture. But in longer......
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This topic will focus on understanding and leveraging on Mobile 2.0 and to discuss challenges opportunities around mobile 2.0, where mobile news is playing a prominent part and mobile news will be the biggest thing that people will access from their mobiles in future. ...
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New inventions keep on coming but how long do they last? Which are the technologies we will use in future and which will go extinct? 
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Security threats are growing in size, scope and sophistication. Spam, phishing, unlawful entry, espionage, identity theft, financial theft, extortion, and denial of service top the list of cyber crimes that are common today and will be common tomorrow. But in the future, the mechanisms used to.........
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Discuss here all about 2009 General Elections......
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Brainstorm on how your customers are writing about your company in the millions of blogs, forums, and affinity communities exploding across the Web-rating your products, re-defining your brand, even engaging with your competitors through new online communities to create products and services......
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Reviews from current freely available tools and productivity apps.
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Sometime back we might have not even thought that there can be any such thing invented and then here they are the New age inventions. Let us discuss how would they help and are they really worthy?? 
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Here we should discuss mobile social networking in depth. The Growing Demand for Mobile Social Networking: Trends in Maintaining Multiple and Niche Social Networks and many more.
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Posted by: RAHUL SMITH
I know most of the active members who were able to make this forum worth is already took too not visiting now a days.... But for the last few days whenever I hears about the news about our President election...I have a doubt...May be...
Posted by: k s iyengar
India attained political freedom after hundred years's rule from the Britishers, under whom we were a Colony.  While the proponents of independence may have heaved a sigh of relief, what has happened in the country, gives rise to the same......
Posted by: ANISH KUMAR
Posted by: k s iyengar
In the underworld of crime, "conning" is a crime where a person tricks some one into believing that he / she is some one else, and from that position cheats the victim.  The process of conning involves many steps, the first of them being the......
Posted by: Tharakad Subramanian Hariharan, Freelancer, Freelancer
WHY ‘CHANGE’ EFFORTS FAIL ? From time immemorial, changes are taking place. Rules and regulations that you often see in our society are compromises between past traditions and present conveniences. This is the essence of jurisprudence. Changes have been taking place, changes do take place and will take place. But ‘change’ takes time. World over, people are convinced that they can remain healthy if they are able to keep their body weight under control. Yet only less than 2 % of the people who undertake weight reduction exercises succeed! Same is the case with smoking! Needless to say about habitual liquor consumers! Consider this. Mafia opposes the new Police Commissioner in every state in India. They try to buy the new Police Commissioner with ’petty’ and when they do not succeed (which is very rare nowadays!), they threaten him with dire consequences.(In Hindi cinema, the hero police commissioner will get killed and his son after 25 years will become the police commissioner and...
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