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By : Suryanarayan Murthy, Asst Vice President (Corp Finance), Indus Renewable Energy India Limited
Industry : Radio, TV & Films Functional Area : India
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The Government agreed for a JPC on 2G scam.....It reminds me of a story.

One day a thief was brought to the court of the King. Even before the King started questioning, the accused pleaded guilty. Surprised, the King explained that there are three types of punishments for this offence, namely (1) Pay a penalty of Rs.100/- (2) Take 30 lashes or (3) Eat a packet of salt. He further explained that since the thief pleaded guilty, the King will leave the choice to the thief to select any one of the punishments.

The thief thought for a moment and preferred to eat salt, rather than taking lashes or parting with Rs.100/-.

After emptying half the packet of salt, he could not eat more. The he pleaded with the King “Sir, swallowing salt is very difficult, I will take 30 lashes”.

The King agreed and ordered his men to give the thief 30 lashes.

After taking 10 lashes, it became unbearable for the thief and he again requested the King “Sir, it is quite unbearable, I am willing to pay Rs.100/- as fine”.  

The King agreed for the same and the thief paid Rs.100/- penalty and walked out.

What will happen, had he agreed to pay Rs.100/- in the first instance?  He could have avoided the torture of swallowing half a packet of salt and take 10 lashes.

Can somebody tell this story to our politicians, so that Crores of public money can be saved.


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