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Topic : Going Mobile with E-mail
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By : Jayant Vishnu, Creative, J Walter Thompson
Industry : Advertising/PR/MR/Events Functional Area : Performance
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Email marketing is sending information to individuals about your products or services in the hopes that they will come to your site and buy it. Advertising your business with email marketing can help you make much more money that you making now. Why?

Email marketing gives you new customers and potential buyers. This is a great way to create traffic to your site. Just imagine that couple millions of different people receiving emails with a link on your site every day. Of course not everybody will visit your web site or even read an email.

But some of them definitely will be interested in your subject. If it is only 0, 5% of them that's already great result (0,5% from 2000000 it is 10000 visitors every day!).

So email marketing is powerful way to create traffic to your site. But you need to be careful here. Don't spam people (I hate spam like everybody!!!) Send your emails to people that decided to receive emails in certain category. Spamming brings the awful reputation to your company and a lot of problems in future.

Email marketing also helps you communicate with existing clients. Don't let them forget about you! Sending regular newsletters helps you to keep your customers informed about your new products and different changes in your company.

Email marketing gives you a real opportunity to build relationships with your customers. If visitors trust to you and to your product they want to go back to your site again and again. They will take friends to your site and they will buy too!. The problem of doing email marketing it's get a good list of email addresses. (The good list -- it's a list of people who already have bought something from your recourse or people interested to buy your product in the future).

Building your own database takes long time working with internet business and a lot of work. Good decision is just buy a list from special recourse. It's not expensive at all and will save you hours of work (which you can spend making more money or learning).

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