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TooStep is shutting down all it's services on 27th March 2015.
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Rural Marketing

By : Vipin Tripathi, Sales/BD Manager, Target
Industry : FMCG/Foods/Beverage Functional Area : Business Models
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Rural marketing presents interesting challenge to a marketer. Different social, cultural and psychological aspects present new challenges in Rural Marketing. I would like to segment these aspects into different areas, this would help to characterize the rural marketing and tackle the issue in the focused manner.

Escaping the unproductive growth of the rural sector will require something much subtler than “laisser-faire” economics. We have a situation where most actors in the economic process make use of governmental agencies to achieve personal and extra-organizational goals first and formal goals second. We need market discipline to cure this problem, which will amount to the imposition of a new form of purposive rationality, with the advantage that a smaller number of consenting actors will be required than in hierarchically imposed rationality.

Paradoxically, to succeed, one should understand the problem well. Because once you the root cause of a problem then solving them will be easy. Like wise in rural marketing we have many challenges and to achieve success you need to address to these challenges. The major challenges are :

  • Low Literacy
  • Seasonal Demand
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Communication Problems
  • Traditional Life
  • Buying Decisions
  • Media for Promotions
  • Cultural Factors

Markets which are not able to face the stiff competition posed by MNCs, can restore their profits in the rural sector. The market share of urban market when compared to the rural market is low, hence if Indian industries concentrate on rural markets their sales will increase. If rural markets are brought into the limelight of development, they pave way to prosperity. Prosperity of India lies in the prosperity of every Indian, hence no rural segment should be left untapped.
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2 comments on "Challenges In Rural Marketing"
  Commented by  Krishnan Vishwanathan, Head Business Development, InteliZON Energy    | 05 05 2008 00:19:44 +0000
Success to any form of industry in rural lies in the fact that how well masses can adopt to it and how it can leverage the communities.Rural has many india's .If we thought exposure to media and internet would bring about a drastic change ,it wont .Change will be gradual.If corporates looking at a 5-10 yr window invest good amount of capex success is there for grabs in areas of Communication,Healthcare,Renewables,Education ,Training to list a few.
  Commented by  Balaji J, Head/VP/GM-PR/Corp. Communication, Areva India    | 04 24 2008 04:34:14 +0000
Micro industries concept alone will succeed in Rural marketing. The micro communities existing needs to be leveraged to have success in rural markets.

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