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By : Rajeev K Jha, Real Estate Paralegal US MNC
Industry : Public Sector/Government Functional Area : India
Activity:  5 comments  158531 views  last activity : 03 30 2011 20:09:50 +0000

You are required to validate and update your registration record on or before 31st July,2009 to avail continued access to employment services provided by the Directorate of Employment.

Therefore,please log on to departmental website:

ALL THE BEST........!!


Rajeev Jha

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5 comments on "Delhi Govt. Employment Exchange - Get yourself Registered before 31st July'09 by login"
  Commented by  jitender kumar, Computer Operator/ Data Entry, Apus Techongly (india)    | 03 30 2011 20:09:50 +0000
I want to know how one should register with employment exchange I have over 1 yrs teaching experience in private Buses Conductour, Mere Pass Conductor Lincense Hai..
Dtc Bus Me Lagne Ki Chat Hai My Email Address
  Commented by  Nupur Narang, Admin/Facilities Manager, Brite Advertising &Marketing    | 03 22 2011 07:20:43 +0000
I want to know how one should register with employment exchange,I have over 3yrs teaching experience in private school on computer teacher,and also working in a private company as a admin incharge.My mail id is
  Commented by  vikram vats, Freelancer, Freelancer    | 03 21 2010 06:31:45 +0000
References :
  Commented by  Sohini Chowdhury, Recruitment Executive, Mafoi Management Consultants    | 07 07 2009 06:47:26 +0000
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  Commented by  Pragya Kothari, Construction-Heavy, DLF    | 06 22 2009 10:49:26 +0000
Thanks for the information Rajeev......
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