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By : avena suri, External Communications, Management Trainee, HCL Technologies
Industry : IT Services Functional Area : Product Launch
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HCL Launches Solution to Avoid SAP Business Information Warehouse Slowdowns
HCL's BW Cockpit Solution Enables Customers to Predict and Avoid SAP Slowdowns and Failures
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HCL Technologies introduced HCL's new BW Cockpit Solution. The new offering is a centralized repository of real-time and historical load data combined with a simple user interface that enables customers to predict and avoid SAP Business Information Warehouse slowdowns and failures. Leveraging this solution, customers can reduce monitoring costs by 30 percent, secure better analysis of patterns and trends, and eliminate manual errors.

"The current process for BW load management involves navigating through numerous transactions and logging into multiple systems," said R. Vaidyanathan, Head-Enterprise Application Services at HCL Technologies. "Having recognized our customers' need for a solution that offered real-time reporting, automated BW monitoring, increased visibility and a robust reporting system, we leveraged our extensive know-how and expertise in SAP solutions to design an offering that addresses the challenges our customers are currently facing."

HCL's BW Cockpit features configurable SLA rules that let users customize how the system monitors each process step, including an "early warning" signaling system based on the customized SLA rules. The solution also features a load monitoring dashboard which allows users to access transaction codes so they can predict load trends and plan accordingly. Additionally, BW Cockpit includes a speedometer which not only confirms that the "speed" of loads are as expected, but also measures the speed of each step in the process chain ensuring accuracy. The alert monitor highlighting delays/failures pinpointing the problem's root cause.

Additional features include:

  • Progress Rate Indicator
  • SLA Reporting
  • SAP Integration
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