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Life Is Beautiful

By : sameer kamble, IT Manager, indsoft systems
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The most important thing that a father can offer to their daughters lives is a good role model for what a good husband should be. By living their lives as an example of what hard work, commitment, understanding and presence in the home environment, a father will have giving their daugthers an abundance of knowledge of what they should look for when trying to find a future husand and father for their children. Raising daughters may not be easy or fun, but it is very important. We men need to realize that we are the fathers of the mothers of the next generation and guide them to become responsible people.

10 comments on "Importance of a Father in daughters lives."
Fathers in most cases leave a lasting impression in the lives of their daughters especially.
  Commented by  Anand Sharma, Monitoring the research funding by DIT, Department of Information Technology    | 11 24 2010 10:40:33 +0000
Excellent dude! At least here comes the father's role as an importance. Hats off to the sentences you wrote Mr. Sameer. Everyone should support this debate. Thanks for inviting me.
  Commented by  priya, recuriting and counselling, professional training consultancy    | 11 16 2010 08:47:59 +0000
thanks foe sharing father is role important for both girl and boy they should understand each other................
  Commented by  Dipika Das, Associate/Sr. Associate -(NonTechnical), ABC Consultants Private Limited    | 11 15 2010 10:47:52 +0000
Really its very factual.....I know how important it is to have a father in a girls life...:)
  Commented by  N.Sreenivasa Rao, Construction Management -CPWD    | 11 14 2010 07:02:20 +0000
I appreciate the knowledge given on the role of Father towards daughter.Mother is the first Guru for the children because most of the time Father is away from home in his duties to earn for the family. But even then Father should give freedom to children and he can act as a friend ,so that they can express freely their feelings and views about any issue.So be careful for doing anything. Two little eys are watching behind you. They will imitate you.
  Commented by  Deepika, Software Developer, Dreamin solutions    | 11 13 2010 17:13:42 +0000
Just another excellent referral!!

A girl always looks forward to walk in the footsteps of her father...It is very important that father's understand this and mend their child's life for a better future of oneself and nation.

  Commented by  Badri N Srinivasan, Head - Quality, Valtech India Systems Pvt. Ltd.    | 11 13 2010 16:08:41 +0000
Thanks for the referral, Sameer...
Additionally, Father's role is also important in the growth of a son as any child will need guidance during the growing up period.....
  Commented by  anuradha, Education Coordinator, TIAS    | 11 13 2010 13:55:33 +0000
Very relevant and important for all the fathers to know and understand their children not only daughters but yes the daughters in particular.

Nice and good one.
  Commented by  SHRIKANT MANOHAR DANKE, Consultant, Project Management Consultancy Firm    | 11 13 2010 13:42:43 +0000
Father's role is also important in son's life as daughter's.
Nice one! Sameer. 
Thanks for referral. 
  Commented by  kanukurthy sudershanrao, Operations Manager, Andhra Bank    | 11 13 2010 13:39:25 +0000
Sigmund Freud says there is natural attraction for girl children to their father and male children to their mother. A father is a father and if any girl child gets the impression her husband should be like her father then the father had failed in his duty for proper growth of the child.
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