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Topic : Nanomedicines
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By : Harshad Naik, Product Development Manager, Care Biomedicals
Industry : Biotechnology
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Nanotechnology is the buzz word that is catching the eye of whole economists and industrialists worldwide, because of its diversified processing segments and huge applications to living society. As Michael Dell recently siad that if he was young again and given chance to start a new business , he would have chosen nano technology as his future business.
Besides holding its importance in diversified industrial segments, its differentiating prolonged long term effect will be in the field of biomedical sciences for the purpose of better drug development, improved health care, cure to tertiary diseases etc.

It is because of this reason that most of the Private and public research efforts in India are developing nano products aimed at improving health care and advancing medical research. Some of these products have entered the marketplace, more are on the verge of doing so, and others remain more a vision than a reality. The potential for these innovations is enormous, but questions remain about their long term safety and the risk–benefit characteristics of their usage.

In India, Nanotech will provide the biomedical researchers with the better insights of understanding the applications of microbial enzymes in various generic drug developments like:
  • Applications of proteins for synthesis of nano structured drugs
  • Synthesis of nano manetites from bacterial culture
  • Drug delivery membrane development
  • Development of anti cancerous, anti allergic drugs

As healthier living can only be sustained in healthier surroundings, besides providing better biomedical facilities, Nano technoloy will play a significant role in the conservation of biodiversity, not only terrestrial but sub arial and marine as well. One major problem that the researchers come across is Biofouling of marine structures. Biofouling increases frictional flow resistance, impairs heat transfer capacity of heat conductors, and enhance electrochemical corrosion of metals and alloys. But nanotechnology has come up with the anti organic fouling inhibitors, that not only will prevent biofouling in an efficient and eco friendly manner, but in productive and cost effective ways as well.

Lots of secrets are to be revealed, what would the coming generations expect rom nanotechnology in the field of bio medical sciences and applied microbial studies. But the primary wish of every individual will be better environment to live, improved health services, disease prevention and cure..................
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2 comments on "Integrated Nano-Bio systems symposium at BMS College, Bangalore"
  Commented by  Hardik Patel, Team Lead (Staffing and Recruitment), Rishabh Softwares Pvt. Ltd. / Rishi Infotech Pvt. Ltd    | 07 24 2008 13:02:15 +0000
Good Article.
  Commented by  sudhir kumar sinha, Founder & CEO, Inovogen    | 05 05 2008 21:47:44 +0000
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good article !!
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