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Topic : Implementing ITIL
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By : Abhinav Chouhan, Team Lead, Wipro
Industry : IT Services Functional Area : Infrastructure
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 First Know What is ITIL ???

ITIL is the abbreviation for the IT Infrastructure Library guideline that was developed by the OGC (Office of Governance Commerce) in Norwich (England) on behalf of the British government. Today, ITIL is the de-facto global standard in the area of Service Management, and contains a comprehensive and publicly available technical documentation for the planning, provision and support of IT services.

The ITIL books thereby represent a Best Practice guideline for Service Management, in which the „WHAT“, and not the „HOW“, is described. The "HOW" is to be coordinated and implemented according to the size, the internal culture and, above all, the requirements of one's own company. The external viewpoint of the experienced and tried-and -tested consultant can thereby help one to break out of gridlocked structures and to follow new paths.

 ITIL, will be  operations functions. Operations leaders, not doing internal process standardization efforts, have opened their arms to embrace ITIL.
whereas Operations personnel, on the other hand, have lived in the firefighting trenches for years, and grumble quietly to themselves hoping that this latest fad of management will pass with minimal pain.

If adopting ITIL has such great benefits in today's age of convergence, and brings IT and business on par, then why do implementations still fail

According to me there are 10 common reasons, which  are:

1. Lack of management commitment;
2. Spending too much time on complicated process diagrams;
3. Not creating work instructions;
4. Not assigning process owners;
5. Concentrating too much on performance;
6. Being too ambitious;
7. Failing to maintain momentum;
8. Allowing departmental demarcation;
9. Ignoring solutions other than ITIL;
10. Not reviewing the entire ITIL framework.

People will resist change and need a reason to change. Let your staff know what's in it for them. You're not just changing processes with ITIL -- you're changing culture and people, too.


 Top Comment : Sourav Chatterjee   | 06 18 2008 21:39:24 +0000
It is not the best practice.It is good practice in ITIL V3. Because there is always scope for improvement.It is not rigid.
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6 comments on "ITIL :Why implementations fail"
  Commented by  Piyal Gupta, Associate Manager - Operations Maturity, Cognizant Technology Solutions    | 07 31 2009 15:59:01 +0000
ITIL when introduced was solely made for the in house IT operations, but ITIL when used as an outsourcing framework did not completely evolve to meet the requirements. 
  Commented by  Samir Nigam, Sr. Software Engineer , SRM TECHSOL Pvt. Ltd.    | 07 30 2008 05:59:37 +0000
Nice. Thanks for this.
  Commented by  Hardik Patel, Team Lead (Staffing and Recruitment), Rishabh Softwares Pvt. Ltd. / Rishi Infotech Pvt. Ltd    | 07 28 2008 10:25:02 +0000
Nice Article.
  Commented by  Sourav Chatterjee, IT Engineer- CMC Limited-ATata Enterprise    | 06 18 2008 21:39:24 +0000
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It is not the best practice.It is good practice in ITIL V3. Because there is always scope for improvement.It is not rigid.
  Commented by  Abir Ghosh, Product/Brand Manager Sify Technologies Ltd.    | 06 18 2008 06:30:05 +0000
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Very True....Thanks for the article
  Commented by  Hari Prasad K, Head - e-Infrastructure and Security    | 06 08 2008 22:55:35 +0000
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Nice article.  Thanks for sharing.
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