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Topic : Building construction
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By : Ashish, CEO/MD/Director, A S Laser Systems Pvt Ltd
Industry : Construction Functional Area : New Technologies
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The laser level is certainly becoming normal equipment on building sites across the world these days.The building industry has been completely revolutionised by the laser level and the rotary laser level. The entire task of leveling has been significantly de-risked by the use of high accuracy laser levels/ self leveling rotary laser levels. It is nowadays a comparatively effortless task to check footings for level or to confirm the positioning of steel forms. The best construction rotary laser levels are really simple to operate. You take the level out of its protected carrying case and place it on the tripod. You set the device roughly level and press the button. The rotary laser level will be ready for operation as soon as it has completed its automatic leveling routine. Working a rotary laser level is a very simple procedure. Once switched on the level will work through its automatic self leveling procedure and when set will begin to emit the laser line. It will continue to do this as long as it is undisturbed. If the level is knocked it will transmit an audible error signal and cease broadcasting the beam. It will then work through its self leveling method and return to emitting the beam following a short delay.With the laser level set and functioning it is simple to check the heights of footings and other constructions all over the site. All it takes is a special receiver mounted on a simple rod and a series of measurements. The special receiver is tuned to detect the thin laser beam. It can also identify the relative height of the beam and will give off an audible signal to signify high/low or level measurements. So with the receiver fixed at a specific height on the rod it is possible to take readings along the footing and figure out precisely how true it is.There are a wide variety of uses all over the building site for the laser level. * Concrete forming * Depth control for excavations * Basements * Footings However importantly the use of the rotary laser level has substantially de-risked important duties like the setting of footings, boards and anchor plates for steelwork.There are now a number of options associated with the rotating laser level that have been adapted to cater for distinct aspects of the construction and building trades. There are rotary laser levels for internal use, outside use and with different ranges. There are also laser levels with single or dual grading capability. Grading is another term for slope so a laser with grading capability can be used to ensure that the necessary inclines are attained. Rotary laser levels can also be used to provide the reference for machine control for excavators. Errors caused by bad measurement are becoming a thing of the past thanks to the use of the rotary laser level.. The rotary laser level has turned out to be the decreased risk option thanks to its straightforward one touch operation. Rotary laser levels are designed to be sturdy enough to survive the severe construction environment. visit  for details

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