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TooStep is shutting down all it's services on 27th March 2015.
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Topic : Managing The Modern Workplace
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By : Nikhil Jain, Senior Consultant, Hewitt Associates
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Fifty-seven per cent of workers in the corporate sector in India reported an increase in stress over the last two years, a survey has said.

Of over 11,000 corporates across 13 countries, 58 per cent companies worldwide experienced an appreciable rise in their workplace stress over the last two years,according to a survey by workplace solutions provider Regus plc.

The survey asked more than 11,000 respondents about their experience in the workplace during tough economic times. It found that Indian workers experienced a slightly lower rise in stress than their international counterparts, with 57 per cent reporting that their levels of stress have grown “higher” or “much higher” over the past two years.

The most significant stress hike in the countries surveyed occurred in China, with 86 per cent reporting an increase in stress. The lowest increase in stress was felt in the Netherlands, with 47 per cent reporting a rise.

A Regus statement said a study by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations found that India’s rapid economic expansion has boosted corporate profits and employee incomes, but has also sparked a surge in workplace stress and lifestyle diseases that few Indian companies have addressed.

The survey said 45 per cent of Indian workers are particularly stressed by the increased focus on profitability that has arisen during the recession. In fact, this particular pressure is stressing out Indian employees more than workers in any of the other countries surveyed. Another factor responsible for increasing workplace stress is the pressure to maintain excellent customer service: 33 per cent identified this as a major stress-causing factor. Company size has also had an influence on the level of stress increase experienced in recent years.

It found that workers in mid-sized Indian companies (50-249 employees) have experienced a greater rise in workplace stress: 61 per cent of employees in mid-sized firms have reported higher levels of stress against 55 per cent of people in smaller businesses. This may be due to the potential for downsizing.

What do you say friends, are you experiencing stress at your workplace and why?

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