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Vishal Sidana MBBS student, Government Medical College, Patiala
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1 Its all about old redundant teachers..
2 our idea of honour cannot accept failure
Vishal Sidana  |  Added idea  "Its all about old redundant teachers.."  |  1 year ago
I am currently studying in Medical college and i must tell you these old stupid teachers who just concentrate on theory part, these teachers came out of an age where there was incompetency;no entrances;add it to caste based reservation with no...
Surajit Basu  |  Added idea  "our idea of honour cannot accept failure"  |  2 years ago
increasingly we cannot accept failure; and in IITK, there is probably more of it than before; "in India the izzat factor, which in practice forbids me to lose my status, my dignity, in front of others. When however that is in fact lost and the...
Ideate: "Why is suicide rate so high in IIT K?" deleted from your view.
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