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Y S Lam Project Manager, Central Malaysian Properties
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1 Proper financial planning
2 Construction Materials
Prashanth Shetygere Kempanna  |  Supported idea  "Use optimum fund availabe"  |  8 months ago
Advance procurement will only result in unwanted inventory, which in turn is bad investment- need meticulous working not just Jnan
Y S Lam  |  Supported idea  "Construction Materials"  |  2 years ago
since steel is one of the main factor optimising the usage like ordering cut to size bar will minimise wastage. in case full length bar, bar schedule need to be carefully plan to minimise wastage.
Srinivas S.Mantrala, PMP  |  Supported idea  "Proper financial planning"  |  2 years ago
Bottom up estimating always gives more information and it is possible to takeĀ  good decisions on the cost aspects on the material those actually consume.But for preparing the these estimates consume lot of time and expenses the construction firms...
Ideate: " How to plan for construction cost escalations??" deleted from your view.
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